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Photofiltre v6.40 released

Photofiltre creator, Antonio Da Cruz, has release a minor update to the free version of Photofiltre. Though there are no major changes, it’s pleasing to know that Antonio is still maintaining the free version of Photofiltre.

New in v6.40 of Photofiltre:

  • Optimized for Windows 7 and Vista.
  • New large icon for Windows 7 / Vista (256×256)
  • More brushes under advanced paintbrush tool.
  • Larger Tool Palette
  • More fluid selection box (The ants are waltzing now rather than dancing)
  • Accepts pasting of .wmf and .emf files (Windows metafiles and enhanced metafiles)
  • Increased compatibilty when opening .png files.
  • Various bug fixes.

photofiltre toolboxphotofiltre brushes

Photofiltre version 6.40 – Tool palette is now in a 3×4 format and there are 5 new brushes in the Advanced Paintbrush Tool.

Photofiltre v6.40 download

Here are 21 free Calligraphy fonts which I have compiled from font websites Dafont, Urbanfonts, Fontriver and 1001freefonts. These ornate fonts are great to have in your collection when working with text in Photofiltre.


Installing new fonts:

1. Extract/Unzip font file (.ttf, .fon, .otf)

2. Windows Vista – Right mouse click on font file and select install.

3. Windows XP – Move font file to c:\windows\fonts or use the Fonts Control panel.

4. Restart Photofiltre after installing new font


aenima font



aerofoil font



akadora font



aspire font


 Baroque Script

baroque Script font


Chopin Script



Civitype FG

Civitype font



dragonwick font


 Freebooter Script

freebooter script font


Henry Morgan Hand

henry morgan hand font


Jane Austen

jane austin font


Jellyka Endless Voyage

jellyka endless voyage font


Kingthings Wrote

kingthings wrote font



monika font


Mutlu Ornamental

mutlu ornamental


One Fell Swoop

one fell swoop font



precious font



saginaw font



scriptina font



selfish font


The King and Queen

king-and-queen font

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