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Put some scariness into your designs with this collection of 29 Horror Fonts!

I present to you 29 great horror fonts to add some hair raising terror to your designs and pictures. Use with caution! Of course these fonts are not evil, but just plain scary. Sort of like spilling coffee over your expensive new laptop… now that’s scary.
Most of these fonts are sourced from dafont.com as they have the best font preview interface in my opinion. Other fonts I have found on free font websites such as acidfonts, fontspace and urbanfonts.

Installing new fonts is super easy with these basic steps:

1. Extract/Unzip font file (.ttf, .fon, .otf)

2. Windows Vista – Right mouse click on font file and select install.

3. Windows XP – Move font file to c:\windows\fonts or use the Fonts Control panel.

4. Restart Photofiltre after installing new font

If you need to know more about  installing fonts, check my post:

Installing new fonts: A guide for Photofiltre users.


A Lolita Scorned

a lolita scorned font


 Amped For Evil

amped for evil font



buffied font


Burning Wrath

burning wrath font



creepsville font


Castle Dracustein 

Castle dracustein font



Daemoneque font


Feast Of Flesh 

feast of flesh font



fuehrer font


Ghostly Panic 

ghastly panic font


Green Fuz

green fuz font


Gypsy Curse

gypsy curse font



haunt font


Homocide Effect

homocide effect font


Kreepy Krawly

kreepy krawly font


BN Manson Nights

BN manson nights font


Monster Child

monster child font



necropsy font



nightmare 5 font


No Fear

no fear font



panophobia font


Plasma Drip 

plasma drip font


Satan Possessed

satan possessed



scrawlings font


Shaun of the Dead

shaun of the dead font



skinner font



sniper font


Terror Pro

terror font


You Murderer

You murderer font

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    Also some free horror fonts http://www.fonts2u.com/category.html?id=74

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