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In part 2 of this series, I’ll show how to add some spice to your otherwise ordinary photos using Photofiltre. This time, I’ll make it a lot simpler without the need for any plugins and using only the contrast, saturation and color channel controls.

Before and after results of adjustments using Photofiltre

Original Photo Credit: Michele Eve  (Flickr)


Getting Started.

Commence by opening up your photo in Photofiltre.

Step 1.

Next, from the top menu goto Adjust>> Brightness/Contrast and turn the Contrast up to 100% and click OK.

contrast controlTurn contrast up to 100%


Step 2.

Goto Adjust>>Hue/Saturation and reduce Saturation to -55%

saturation control reduce down to -55%

Step 2 reduce saturation to -55%

Step 3.


Set Contrast to 100%

contrast-control set to 100%

step3 contrast adjustment again


Step 4.


Reduce Saturation to -30%

saturation reduce -30%

step 4 saturation reduction


Depending on your original photo, you may alter these settings to suit your own taste.


Using color channels.

Color channels can be used to increase or decrease the contrast or saturation of an individual colour thus giving emphasis on one colour. Alternatively, it may be used to reduce the amount of one colour such less red,reen or blue etc.

color channel

color channel adjustment

Altering the color channels for the above process at any stage can give some interesting results and is well worth playing around with.

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