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If you use a webcam with an Instant Messenger such as MSN or Yahoo! it’s possible to replace the webcam feed with a prerecorded video by using SplitCam. This means you can do all sorts of interesting things such as playing cartoons thru the webcam box or even better make it appear you’re hard at work whilst you are really fast asleep. Great for when the boss wants to check on you. The possiblities are endless.

Msn screen with altered video feed

 No..I’m not outside at this event at all, but the video is playing thru.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Download and install SplitCam.
  • In the setup of your instant messenger(IM), select SplitCam as your video camera device.
  • Next, in SplitCam, select: File / Video Source / Video File
  • Select the desired video file in .avi, .mpg or .dat format.


  • The video file will begin playing in SplitCam.
  • Turn on your “Webcam” in the IM application and BINGO! it will feed through 😉

A couple of things I’ve noticed using this technique, you don’t need a real webcam for SplitCam to work. Also, the image feeding through via SplitCam is a mirror image of the original, so any text or words for example will be reversed.

5 Responses to “Injecting Prerecorded Video into a Webcam Feed”

  1. Bengbeng says:

    these posts r very useful. thanks! jeff, thanks for yr kind comment on my blog. i appreciate it. very much too.

  2. Jon says:

    This is SICK! I was a victim of an imposter because of this and you allow it to flourish. You should be kicked in the nut a thousandths of times.

  3. Browner87 says:

    How were you a ‘victim’ to it? Unless you’re randomly meeting people via webcam in which case you should know to be careful. Anything online can be forged by a smart enough person.

    Thanks for the tip Jeff. This is cool.

  4. Poor Pooor Jon says:

    Poooor Jon, your name speaks of you, do not blame anyone else for your un-responsibility

  5. frank says:

    i tried buh i cant access the camera settings on the im

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