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Adding a watermark to your photos can be a wise idea if your publishing them yourself for a blog or website. A watermark identifies the origin of the photo and credits you as the creator of that photo. It also discourages others from copying your work and in the event they do(Hopefully with permission), it will have your name shining out from it, for you to bask in the fame and glory 😀

Fremantle tram with jeffagogo.com watermark

Using Photofiltre to create watermarks.

Adding watermarks to your photos is quite straight forward using Photofiltre. Here’s how…

Opening the text tool

 Start by opening up the text tool dialogue box.

The text tool box

From this box choose:

  • Font style
  • Font colour
  • Bold/italic options
  • Text to display

Click Ok when done and the text will appear on the screen, now it can moved into position with the pointer.

Moving text into position

Drag the selected text into position, the lower right corner is usually a good place to put the watermark.

Watermarked photo


More tricks….

Adding opacity.

This gives the text more of a see through appearance. To adjust the text opacity use the opacity slider adjustment in the Effects tab of the text tool.

Opacity adjustment of text

Reduce the opacity down to about 50%.

Text with increased opacity


More tricks using transformed text

Another method of achieving an opaque style watermark is by using the Transform text feature in the text tool box and then altering the Gamma correction of the selected area. Here’s how….

The transform text button in the text tool
  • Type the text, but this time click on the Transform to selection button

Outlined text

  • Next, adjust Gamma correct+ up about 3 stops.

Gamma adjusted watermark method

Incidentally, the copyright symbol© is displayed by using the Alt key and numbers 0169 on the keypad (release Alt key last)©

Using Stroked text

Using stroked text makes the watermark really stand out. Select the Stroke feature in the text tool’s effects tab and a suitably wild colour 🙂

Using stroked text

Black text, stroked with orange outline. Wild baby!

A few things to mention about adding watermarks…

  • Watermarks should be quick and easy to apply to your photo’s. Don’t spend too much time applying ultra fancy text effects to your photos, usually keeping it simple is the best approach. Choose an interesting font and stick with it and stick with a standard size, style and placement for your watermarks.
  • The watermark should be the last process. Any photo resizing, gamma correction, sharpening and other enhancements should be done before adding the watermark.

About Photofiltre…

Photofiltre is one of the best free photo editing programs available, with easy to use controls and menus, it’s not blogged down with overly complicated options like many other programs in the genre. 

Photofiltre is free to use and download.

Photofiltre homepage.

Please feel free to comment.

6 Responses to “Photofiltre Basics: Adding a watermark to your photos”

  1. jessica says:

    thanks for this!

  2. katja says:

    Greatly written!thank you thats what i search!appreciate that

  3. Rohan says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I think the watermark should be behind the picture, and not above the picture. The usual trick I do to achieve this is:

    Create the final image without watermark
    Select the entire image(Ctrl A) and cut it (Ctrl Z)
    Use the text tool to write the watermark text
    Paste the original image(Ctrl V) over the text, and then set opacity to 95% using paste options.

  4. Jeff says:

    Hi Rohan,

    That’s a great way of doing it. As you say, the picture then looks like a layer on top of the watermark.


  5. F. Martin says:

    Can I save my text somehow, so I don’t have to re-do this every time I want to use the watermark?

  6. Erin says:

    I’ve got the same question as F. Martin. Can the text be saved somehow and used again. Also can you do this in batch? thanks!

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