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Merging photos is about combining a series of 2 or more pictures into one.

 Merged photos of buddha festival

But why do this?

A few reasons:

  • To jam pack more photos into a smaller space. Quite often there is no reason to display large high res photos. They just bore people to death. Smaller, compact photos can get the message across efficiently to readers. Sometimes, less is more.
  • To increase page load time(less pictures to download, and reduced bandwidth) Faster loading pages make readers happy 🙂
  • To form a group of pictures which are related such as before and after.

Popular Malaysian food blogger KYspeaks often uses this technique with great effect with photos in his blog.

Using Photofiltre to merge photos:

In this example, I’ll merge 4 photos into 1

Start with opening up all 4 photos. You may choose to re-size and do some touching up such as gamma, contrast and sharpening etc. Also considering resizing the photo as well, a smaller size pic is easier to work with than a larger one.

Edit > Copy on the first photo

Now, switch to the second photo…

then use: Edit > Paste special >Assemble

the assemble menu

Positioning the merged photo

The assembly dialogue box will ask which position to paste the copied photo in relation to the first.

two photos merged together

Two photos merged together.

Repeat the same process with the other two photos.

Merge the other two photos

Now, copy this two merged photo to the clipboard.

Edit > Copy

Switch to the other set of merged photos.

Merge the two combined images together to make a set of four, but this time, select bottom as the location for the merge.

Edit > Paste special > Assemble

Assembly of the two photos on the bottom

End result of four photos merged into one

End result: Four photos merged into one.

Resizing the end photo.

Resizing the image

After the process of merging, you may want to adjust the size of the photo as the merged photo will have grown in size.

Re-size by selecting from the menu:

Image > Image size (select your image size then OK)



Adding a border or frame.

Adding a frame around each picture can improve the appearance. Photofiltre allows you to add a border from the menu :

Image > Outside frame….

Outside frame selection

Add a frame to each of the photos before you merge them.

Reframe the final pic

Finish off with an outside frame on the completed photo to match the width of the frames of the sub-photos.

Merged photos with frames

Completed merged photos with frames.

About Photofiltre

Photofiltre is a comprehensive photo editing programme for Windows PC’s and best of all it’s free. While sufficiently powerful to do most photo editing jobs, it is amazingly easy to use when compared to Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro… and in addition is wickedly fast loading.

Photofiltre homepage.

Photofiltre download page.

15 Responses to “Photofiltre Basics: Merging photos”

  1. KY says:

    Thank you thank you. 😀

  2. QuaChee says:

    ive been seeing these on some other blogs. wonder how they do it. now i know 🙂

    for me, if i have to do any merge, i normally do it over at illustrator.

  3. Jeff says:

    KY: Thanks KY. Great blog you have and one of my favourites to read regularly.

    QuaChee: 🙂 Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator also Paint Shop Pro are fine programs and are the best that money can buy. But for 90% of bloggers, these programs are an overkill(esp. for bloggers on a budget) Photofiltre will do everything most bloggers require and doesn’t require a steep learning curve to use. Time is of the essence as they say.. the quicker and easier your photo editing tools are, the better off use of your time will be. Cheers!

  4. keeyit says:

    I always like to combine my photos too. Coz I do not like to upload few photos instead I want to upload only one picture..

  5. Jeff says:

    Keeyit: Thats a very good point… less photos to upload saves some time and effort.

  6. suanie says:

    picasa gets the job done as well 😀

  7. Jeff says:

    Suanie: It does indeed. Also should mention Irfanview as alternative free digital imaging editing software.

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  9. me says:

    u da freaken man, MAN! lol

  10. tee says:

    Talked bout merge photos, you can try http://deefunia.com . Where it is an online free and easy funny photo creator. YOu can create your photo for just a few clicks and I bet you’ll be happy seeing your newly created photo there.

  11. Katrina says:

    thanks so much!

  12. Laura says:

    Omg Thank you!:)

  13. Laura says:


  14. Trina says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve spent hours trying to find out how to merge just two photos, and when I finally stumbled upon your programme & this help page I had it done in minutes!! Thank you so much! So easy!

  15. Neall says:

    Thank you VERY much for this it has helped a lot ! Had no idea it was so easy…

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