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If you’ve seen photos with a curled edge and wonder how it’s done, then you’ll be pleased to know this can be done with Photofiltre.

To create the curled edge effect in Photofiltre you’ll need to get the Curl Plug-in.

Download the plugin here: Curl Plug in for Photofiltre

Extract the plug in files to the Photofiltre plugins folder. Remember to restart Photofiltre to make the plug in active.

Using the Curl edge tool is very easy…here’s how.
Step 1.
Open picture.

Step 2.
Select Filter > Plug-in > Image Curl


Step 3.
Use the curl dialogue box to:

  • Select the corner to curl
  • Horizontal and vertical position of the curl
  • Radius of the curled edge

 You can also use the Dots on the grid to position the curl.



Click on Preview to show the result before committing. When satisfied press Ok.

The result:

Using advanced options.

The advance options lets you specify shading colours and also background images.


For some reason the background picture must be opened first in order to select it from the available background pictures.


Curling a small section

It’s possible to apply a curl to a smaller selected section. Using the rectangle tool select a section to curl, then apply the curl.

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