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Perth is no exception to having graffiti painted over random objects and buildings, it’s everywhere mostly on public accessable areas, but whether you like or loath it, graffiti is here to to stay, so get used to it. I’ve taken a quick look around my area south of the river side(Victoria Park/Rivervale) recently to discover more about the scene. In general I can’t say there is a lot here, perhaps the demographics of this area are not condusive to local talent either that or the local council is vigilant about graffiti clean up. But, it’s only paint… Here’s what I found:

Victoria Park Sewage Pumping Station.

Sewage pumping station Victoria Park


Fence of pumping station

Canning Highway Underpass


The Canning Highway underpass graffiti art work is most impressive. 🙂


McCallum Park Bike Bowl.

The bike bowl needs a fresh coat I reckon!

Goodwood Parade Rivervale

Burswood Railway Station. Things are a little different on the Goodwood Parade side of the tracks compared to the Burswood side.


Factory wall with graffiti. Seems to have been a big cleanup of graffiti here recently as many of the available vantage walls has been cleaned or painted over. However, down the end of the road…..

At the end of Goodwood Parade there’s an abandoned factory with an accessible wall.

Take that! Boring wall.


Bombers Best Paint cans.


In the grass I found Bombers Best spray paint can.

Goodwood Parade just oozes with atmosphere…the Railway station, Hamburger Hill, industrial buildings, the clickity clack of trains, view of city buildings, Burswood casino, the broken glass and asbestos. The night time scene is different i can imagine. Dangerous? I’m not sure, but certaining challenging on many different cultural levels of the inner urban Perth society we live in.

19 Responses to “Top Perth graffiti artist use Bombers Best”

  1. scott says:

    Jeff is it?
    why don’t you get new graffiti photo’s because these are getting old now.
    from a web browser.

  2. scott says:

    what do you mean awaiting moderation jeff?

  3. scott says:

    do you do graffiti

  4. oRst#1 AFC says:

    you should cum to cragie legals and take some pics of mi pieces i write orst

  5. HEAT says:

    ahaha mad props to fziek….

  6. Deb-Star says:

    Excuse me??? Is this all Perth has to offer regarding Graffiti Art???
    I would call this taging or vandalism but sure not Graffiti Art.

    Or if you would like to prove me wrong, please send me some decent pix, cause I would love to pay to get one made professionally.

    Like seriously

  7. jade says:

    Hey does anyone know of a place that provides graffiti art workshops?
    I know there used to be a place in vic park but i’m not sure if its still there.
    If anyone knows of one could you please let me know.
    Thanks 🙂

  8. ric says:

    hi…. im looking for an urban artist to aint my work van… they can do what ever they want but i also have a few ideas

    cheery bye

  9. Sunshine says:


    Is anyone currently uploading this type of art and posting them on the web ? Watarush.com.au seems to have older pieces but nothing current.

    I can’t seem to find any links to suggest this is being done, perhaps someone should. It’s an awful waste of time and effort on artists behalf when the work can’t be admired publicly.

  10. Jeff says:

    Hi Sunshine,

    Doesn’t seem to be any websites that are updated on a regular basis in Australia from my quick search on google. Watarush.com.au appears not to have beeen updated for a while.

  11. tony says:

    my name is tony i am looking for someone to do graffiti art for me inside my bar in northbridge can anyone help please give me a call 0417 430 431

  12. Jordan says:

    Anyone chasing some of perths graffiti art Try http://www.last-chance-studio.com it’s a group graffiti artist.

  13. Gavin says:

    Most of this is pretty bad. You guys should check out some of the english graffiti artists . Have a look at
    http://www.youthgraffitiworkshops.com most of there artists are sick, best company in the Uk I would say

  14. klyce says:


  15. alexis says:

    Hi Jeff!.

    I had contacted a young man at Currey’s and he recommended you. I hear that you had returned my last message, but I did not see it.

    I am volunteering with a group of youth 12 – 18, teaching the students on Monday nights starting April 8th for four weeks.

    The students there had wanted a “graffiti artist” to come and teach them.
    I was wondering if you could contact me?

  16. Jeff says:

    Hi Alexis, Sorry I can’t help you there, I’m not a graffiti artist.


  17. Frederik Bosman says:

    I need paint to do Tropical Beach Scene on my caaravan
    Perth WA

    Thanks Frederik

  18. nicholas bell says:

    I have a gun metal grey 1996 ve holden commodore that I want art painted over the right hand side of it.
    I have “slightly” messed that side up of it in a street race and want to hide it behind a cool piece of spray art, can you help me I will pay $1000 for the job 0488 569 506

  19. frank says:

    hi looking at having some spray art to side of my bldg.south perth area call me if you can help 0437763597

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