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I’ve created a quick Youtube tutorial(about 2mins) on how to resize pictures or images using Photofiltre.

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to do one of the basic post processing operations normally done after they are downloaded from a digital camera. For good measure, I’ve summarised the reasons for resizing pictures below.

Most experienced users of Photofiltre will know all of this, so the tutorial is aimed at new or inexperienced users who maybe interested in the fundamentals of “how and why do I resize a picture?”

In Summary:

If you have a blog/website or are emailing pictures, then there are good reasons to resize your pictures once they are downloaded from your digital camera.

  • To reduce the file size. Typically, a photo from an 8 megapixel camera will be around 2-3 Mb. So if your sending 10 pictures of this size then that’s 20+ Mb!! Just too big a download for the person receiving it 🙁 Also a picture this size is just not suitable for webpage use… it will take ages for the webpage to load resulting in many unhappy readers. Smaller size pictures load faster.  For webpage use aim for a file size under 100Kb at least… but preferably smaller.
  • To make the picture size smaller.The pictures that come out of a digital camera are usually quite large. About 2300x 1700, which is natively too big for most monitors. I’d recommend a picture size of 640x 480 for emailing and no larger than 500 x 375 for webpage use. Also for printing purposes you may want make the picture size smaller.

Important. Once you have resized your pictures, use the Save As to save the new file rather using Save  which will overwrite your original file.

Happy resizing 🙂

6 Responses to “Photofiltre basics: How to resize a picture”

  1. Bengbeng says:

    Hey buddy, thanks for yr birthday wishes 🙂

  2. […] you have finished post processing operations such as cropping and resizing with your photos, then next thing to look at, if required, is brightening and sharpening. […]

  3. Peter says:

    Thank you for the tutorial!

  4. ME says:

    Can photofiltre resize more than one image oat once? Or ad a watermark to more than one photo at the time?

  5. Jeff says:

    Hi ME,

    Photofiltre is able to batch proccess mutilpe files with Automate/Batch function ( find this under Tools>> Automate/Batch).
    You can resize and make various other adjustment to mutilple files as a batch. This is great for dealing with large numbers of files which otherwise you’d have adjust one by one. Unfortunately batch “watermarking” is not available on the free version of Photofiltre.


  6. John says:


    Thanks for the multiple file resize info!

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