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Recently I’ve been checking the Photofiltre tutorials on Youtube and pleasantly surprised to have found quite a few good tutorial videos. Every day Photofiltre fanatics from all over the world are adding new tutorials, ranging from dead simple techniques to the more complicated ones. The range of quality is quite variable I’ve noticed, so I’ve decided to bring some more of the useful and interesting Youtube Photofiltre tutorials to readers attention and discuss techniques use in them.

Photofiltre tutorials on Youtube


Review of how to make rainbow eyes using Photofiltre by Jessica35106

Rainbow eye tutorial by Jessica35106

In this tutorial, Jessica takes a colored swirl pattern and overlays it onto an eye giving an interesting effect. This effect would be most noticable on a close up photo of the face.

Jeffagogo’s points of interest in this video:

  • This cool and imaginative effect demonstrates that there is more to eye effects than simply changing eye color(an old favorite of photo manipulators for a long time)and opens up the possiblity creating many interesting effects that can be applied to eyes. For example, using some imagination I’m sure a reflective effect would  be worthy of investigation. e.g. money or a person reflecting from the eyes?
  • The tutorial is quick. At just under 2 minutes it is straight to the point and doesn’t mess about with basic operations such as opening files and other time consuming events which most people know how to do. The quicker the better I say, and Jessica came well prepared with eye photo, a rainbow color swirl and a text dialogue in advance, this was an excellent idea.
  • The tutorial is easy to understand and reinforces basic skills and techniques of using Photofiltre.
  • The video demonstrates how easy Photofiltre is to work with. Simply copy, paste, resize, fade and enhance color.


How to make a basic rainbow swirl.

Although Jessica doesn’t show how to make the swirl, it’s quite easy.

Use the Twirl Tool found under Filter >>Deform>> Twirl


Twirl Tool dialogue box


  • Create a 2×2 colored squared and either crop it entirely or do a selection around the 2×2 colored squares.
  • Repeat the twirl tool action 5 to 6 times.

Creating the swirl with the Twirl filtre

 Creating the swirl pattern.


Jeffagogo’s tip to make this tutorial even better.

One thing I can see to improve on Jessica’s tutorial, is the selection technique.

The technique Jessica uses, works well when working with fairly regular shapes. In that case Cut and Paste is the easiest way to go. However, when working with irregular shapes, take for example, a doughnut shape then a different and more advanced technique needs to be used.

On Jessica’s example I can see some of the swirl impinging onto the top eyelid.

The swirl pattern extends over the eyelid


A better way to make a selection, albeit more complicated.

  • Zoom in on the eye, so that close up detail can be seen.
  • Choose the Paintbrush Tool (on the right side tool menu)
  • Select Red color
  • Carefully color in the Iris (the colored part of the eye) and try to avoid the painting over the black pupil and white part of the eye.


Fill the Iris of the eye in with red using the Paintbrush Tool, use the magic brush then copy this selection

  • Use the Magic Wand to select the red area that is filled in.
  • Right Mouse click and select Copy.
  • Now open up the swirl graphic to work on.
  • Paste the red selection over the swirl that was made before.
  • Re-size the red selection if needed. Keep the shift key down as you resize it to preserve the correct ratio.
  • Right mouse click over the selection and select Paste Options. Uncheck the Anti-aliasing box.

Paste option dialogue box settings. Turn antialiasing OFF

  • Use the Magic Wand to make a outline selection of the red paint.
  • Now click the undo button (the red anticlockwise arrow).  The red paint disappears but the outline selection stays 🙂

Paste the selection over the swirl pattern

Copy the selection over the swirl

  • Copy this selection (Right mouse click – copy)
  • Go back to the first photo of the eye
  • Paste in the swirl pattern
  • Resize if necessary
  • Right mouse click and select Paste Options – Set opacity to about %40 OK…select again if need to readjust
  • Right mouse click –  Select Validate

Repaste the swirl pattern over the eye

If needed, use the Blur Tool to soften any jaggy edges. Also any other procedures like sharpen or color enhance can be applied now by using the Lasso to select the colored part of the eye then applying that effect…if needed.

Finish the job with blur tool, sharpen, enhance color if needed

Done…As you can see using this technique, the swirl pattern covers the eye exactly without covering any part of the eye lid. 🙂


United State flag in the eyes

I only have eyes for you..baby.

11 Responses to “How to make rainbow eyes – Youtube Photofiltre tutorial review”

  1. Makayla says:

    Hey, I was wondering if that picture of the girl was a personal one, or if you just found it? I’m just starting out with PhotoFiltre, and that picture would be really great for practicing on changing eye color, and also the eye swirls.

  2. Jeff says:

    Markayla: The pic is from flickr.com and is the same one used in my changing eye colour tutorial. There is a link to the original picture there. The picture was created under the Creative Commons license and is free to download.

  3. Vicky says:

    Thanks for explaining how to make a swirl and how to improve jessica’s tutorial it really helped

  4. Jeff says:

    Great! 🙂


  5. natalion says:

    heyy!!! the girl is me! *cheese* this photo is over a year old now so i look a little different. It was taken my my boyfriend, orangeacid. by the way im british 😉

  6. Jeff says:

    Tell your bf he takes great pics and thank him for putting it on flickr for us. 🙂


  7. Kiara says:

    This is a very helpful tutorial. Thanks for putting it on the site 🙂


  8. Jimmy says:

    tht isnt you dear, why lie? :S
    everyone says its them, cos they’re jealous of her beauty, but that isnt you, so dont lie 😐 :S faker.

    that tutorial was amazing btw, thank you 🙂

  9. Kayy Gee says:

    – tell me, how did you put that design of the united states flag in her eyes???

  10. Michelle says:


  11. chloe says:

    hey jeff, everything worked fine until i lowered the opacity and realized my red paint was still there. how do i get rid of it?

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