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I’ve seen quite a few people asking how to add or install new fonts to their system for use in Photofiltre. The default Windows fonts installed are fine for letter writing or business applications but for graphic design you’ll definitely want a collection of interesting and stylish fonts in your collection.

A collection of different fonts should be installed for different purposes

Above: Just some of the fonts I have installed on my system.

Where to find new fonts.

Incredibly, there is a whole industry revolving around the designing of new fonts… and they’re making money from doing it. Yes indeed, some of the coolest and sexiest fonts do cost money.
Fortunately,  there are plenty of font designers that do not charge for their work 🙂 However this means quality does vary somewhat, from mediocre to very good.


Sources of free fonts:

Preview the font first before you download it.

Many of the font websites allow a preview of your own sample text to be typed in, which is great way to see what it looks like . This is also a nice time saver in helping you decide whether or not to download the font.

Do I want this font or not?

Abstract fonts website allows you to preview text first before you download the font.

Click here –> AbstractFonts to preview the Pea Go-Girl font. Go ahead, type in your name to see what it looks like.

Note that Pea Glo-Girl font contains flowers and hearts in place of some of the lesser used characters, which can be quite useful.


Downloading the Font.

Once you have selected a font you like, click on the download link

Click on the download-link

Downloading the font-the save this file dialogue box

Save the file to a location such as Desktop or create a folder named “Fonts” in My Documents.

The AbstractFonts website allows you to download the font as either a .TTF file or a .ZIP file. If it’s a .zip file, you’ll need to extract the font by clicking on the .zip file. I prefer to use Winzip for dealing with .zip files, but if you’re using Windows XP or Vista then just click on the .zip file to extract it.

Using Winzip to extract the font from the zip file

 Above: Using Winzip on the downloaded font .zip file.

Pea Glo-girl script font has been extracted

Pea Glo-Girl font has been extracted and ready to be installed.

Install the Font.

The best way to install new fonts is via Fonts in the Control Panel.

Fonts in the Control Panel


Select Fonts in the Control Panel….


Select Install new font from the file menu

 …then goto –> File >> Install New Font

Add fonts dialogue box-select fonts to install from here

Find the location of your fonts and it should appear in the list of fonts.

If it doesn’t appear, then the location is wrong or the file is not a valid font file.

Click OK and the FONT is INSTALLED!!! 🙂

Lastly, to make the new font appear in the list of fonts in Photofiltre’s Text Tool, close and restart Photofiltre.

 New font is now available in Photofiltre's text box

The new font “Pea Glo-Girl Script” will now appear in the list of fonts in Photofiltre’s text box.

Help! My new font does not appear in Photofiltre.

Things to do:

  • Make sure you have completely closed and restarted Photofiltre.
  • Check the new font has been installed correctly by going to another Windows application such as Word or Wordpad and checking the font appears in the list there. If it doesn’t, then the font has not been installed correctly.
  • I’ve have encountered some OpenType Fonts with the extension .OTF that do not work with Photofiltre, BUT seem to show up ok and work in other Windows programs without any problem… I’m not sure why this is and I have not found a solution. Anyhow, I’ve not yet encountered any problems with TrueType fonts (.TTF) of which is the most common format free fonts are in.


Hope this helps!



Jeff. 🙂


35 Responses to “Installing new fonts: A guide for Photofiltre users.”

  1. BB says:

    thanks for yr new year wishes. i always have something new to learn each time i come over. 🙂

  2. mold says:

    hi there thanks a lot dude you helped me so much =)

  3. jessica says:

    OMFG I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the downloaded fonts onto PhotoFiltre, and now thanks to you, I’ve finally got it! I ran to my mom screaming how I finally got it to work. Thank you soo much!

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  5. Jeff says:

    Jessica: Thanks, I really appreciate the positive feedback 🙂 cheers!

  6. Vicky says:

    Your tutorials have helped me so much, i’m ecstatic with how thorough they are!

  7. Jeff says:

    Your welcome..glad it helped. Jeff

  8. kayla says:

    ugh, umm i need help please! i have an dell computer, lol.
    &+ i followed, but it dont have no file on it… like heres pic.

    please let me know what im doin wrong….

  9. Jeff says:

    HI Kayla,
    For Windows Vista, try this:

    1. Open Fonts by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Fonts.

    2. Click File, and then click Install New Font.

    If you don’t see the File menu, press ALT.

    3. In the Add Fonts dialog box, under Drives, click the drive where the font that you want to install is located.

    4. Under Folders, double-click the folder containing the fonts that you want to add.(Like Desktop or My Documents)

    5. Under List of fonts, click the font that you want to add, and then click Install.

  10. Jeff says:


    Installing Fonts in Windows Vista
    Installing fonts in Vista is even easier than it is in XP. Simply right-click on the font file, and select Install. A UAC (User Account Control) window will pop up asking you to confirm you want to install the font. Click Continue. That’s it – you’re done! Similar to Windows XP, you’ll need to restart any open applications in order to use the newly installed font in that app.

  11. nicole says:

    heyy! cn you teach me how to move my new fonts in my fonts’ folder?

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  14. Em says:

    I went to the fonts and tried to install new ones but I cant seem to open anything in my fonts folder. I have like 5 new fonts downloaded there but they wont show up. Any ideas?

  15. Jeff says:

    1. Make sure you have admistrator privileges to allow you to the fonts, if not log in as Administrator then add fonts(This is a Windows thing rather than a Photofiltre issue)

    2. If downloaded fonts are in .zip format, then you’ll need to unzip them. This can be done in Windows by clicking and then extracting the font files..or by using something like Winzip or 7zip. I like Winzip.

    3. Check the new font files have been installed in the fonts folder. Goto control panel>>fonts. You should see a list of ALL fonts installed on your computer, look for the new fonts. If there not listed then either goto File>>Install New font or drag and drop the new font into this folder manually. Fonts have an extention of .ttf, otf, .fon. Any other file won’t be recognised.

    4. If fonts are listed in fonts folder and still not appearing in Photofiltre, then doublecheck with another program such as Wordpad or Word and see if it appears there. Strangley, some Open Typeface fonts don’t appear in Photofiltre.


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  17. Barbara says:

    i need help. i have windows vista & in the folder it is in, it doesnt appear there when i try & install a new font; but when i go to it in my desktop, it there..
    is there something im doing wrong?

  18. Jeff says:

    Installing fonts on Windows Vista is even easier… just right button mouse click on the font file and select “Install”. That’s it. Make sure that the file has been unzipped beforehand if it’s been downloaded as a zip file. Restart Photofiltre.

  19. Harley says:

    If you can, please contact me on MySpace about this..

    When I try to download a new font, i follow your instructions and everything is working until I push ok to your second to last instruction, then it just says, ‘Pea-glo-girl.TTF is currently being used and cannot be replaced.
    Wait until windows is finished using it, then try again later’

    Please help 🙁

  20. Amelia says:

    thankkkk you!!!!! ahhh this helped sooooooo much
    im bookmarking this page haha:)

  21. Rachel says:

    Do you have to be the administrator to do this?

  22. Jeff says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Your Windows account may need adminstration privileges to install fonts. Check under control panel>>users to see user accounts and their status.


  23. Jessica says:

    i cannot get it to work!
    when i go into the fonts folder and right click,
    install is not an option.

  24. Jeff says:

    Hi Jessica,
    You may just have to place the font into the fonts folder, or add fonts in the fonts control panel. Don’t forget to restart Photofiltre after.


  25. Taylor says:

    Hey, I was wondering on how to make those different symbols? I’ve tried to use one way I was told on how to make them work. But I can’t seem to make it work. Please help?

  26. Jeff says:

    Hi Taylor,

    There’s a couple of ways to make those symbols such as: © ¿ † § ¶ µ ® « etc

    To get the upside down question mark ¿ press the alt key then 0191 on the keypad, then release the the alt key. The ¿ should appear. (If nothing happens try pressing the num lock key then try again ..or use the other alt key.)
    A full list of symbols is here

    Another longer way to bring up special characters is the Windows character map function (in Windows XP at least). Find this here: Start>>Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Character Map


  27. Marty says:

    I figured out how to solve the .otf problem! You just go to the folder where your fonts are saved [My Documents or whatever] and you will see two files there from the one you downloaded.

    One says “.ttf” and the other one “.otf”. You simply delete the otf-file, leaving only ttf, and then you go to control panel and download the font. (you gotta delete the new font from control panel-fonts if you have already tried installing it without success) Then you just install it as described above, and voilà! You have your font perfectly working in Photofiltre!

    It’s just the .otf file that messes up the entire thing. If the .otf file is missing, the problem is solved!

    Sorry if my English is bad, I tried to explain it as good as I possibly could… 🙂

  28. joseph says:

    everytime i get this
    wait until windows is done using the file

  29. neeeeeeeedhelp says:

    hey this helped me but one problem how to i get my font into the Fonts file cos i only have a fonts file called Fonts & All.

  30. Jeff says:

    Hi, you can put the font file directly into C:\windows\font using windows explorer or some file manager. This manual way to do, probably easier to use the font control panel.


  31. Lady Gaga says:

    Thank You This Was Very Helpful Cuz My Producer Deleted My “Born This Way” font and we couldn’t find it in the trash so we found urs now we got it back by downloading it and putting it in the file that we needed.

  32. hamzaa says:


  33. mumy anas says:

    really appreciate this tutorial.tq.from these tutorial i can make full use of photofilter…

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