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A few days ago I came across a question on Yahoo Answers from a Photofiltre user asking how to create the text in this photo. The text has an outside white to pink gradient background border, whilst the inside is black.


Sample of text from Yahoo Answers question

Click for full picture

This technique is quite easy to do and the end result is perfect for a profile photo such as that on MySpace.

The Procedure:

1. Start by opening up a new blank document: white background, 640 x 480 will be fine.


2. Click on the Gradient Tool… found in the top tool bar.

Where to find the gradient tool on the top tool bar

Choose a suitably bright first colour and white for the second colour.

Direction: Left to Right.

Opacity: 100% for both colours

The Photofiltre gradient tool. Select a bright colour and white.

Click on “Other Color” to see the extended colour palette.

Extended Colour palette mixer- use this to make bright colours

Click OK on the gradient tool.. and you should get something like this…

The white to pink gradient background

The white to pink background gradient.

3. Create your text.

Open up the Text Tool(found on the top tool bar) and type in the text that you want to use.

Text Tool is found on top tool bar here


The photofiltre text box. Type in text, choose font, size, then click transform selection.

I’ve chosen the font “Joyful Juliana” at point size 100 using the text Sweet Sugar. Check out my tutorial on installing fonts….here if you want new fonts.

Click on the Transform to selection button.


Drag the text toward the white part

Drag the text towards the white part a little more, to include more white on the

left side of the text.


4. Enlarging the Transformed Text Selection using the Expand tool.

The next thing to do is enlarge the Transformed text to make it look a little bit “fatter”

To do this:  goto menu:

Selection >> Expand

Select a Expand setting of about 5, but you may need to experiment with this a little to get it just right, depending on the type of font.

Expanding the text to make it look fatter


5. Crop.

Without touching anything else, crop the image by going to:

Image>>Crop on the menu.

Alternatively, you can Right Mouse Click and select “Crop”

Crop the image

Before and after cropping the image….

The resulting cropped image

Completed background gradient.


6. Create the inside part.

Now that the background gradient part is finished, it’s time to add in the black inside part.

Once again goto to the Text Tool, and using the same text and setting as before.

Choose black colour, same text, font and size. Click ok.

Click OK

Right mouse click to validate the text

Right Mouse Click to “Validate Text


7. Copy and paste to destination photo or picture.

Once again, goto Text Tool, and without changing any settings, click on “Transform to selection

Transform, expand and then copy

Copy this selection…and now open up your photo picture and paste it in.

Edit>>Paste (or Right Mouse Click >>Paste)

That’s it, all done.


Creative Commons License photo credit: teresawer

The Sweet Sugar Girl with umbrella

Sugar lips.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Porcelaingirl° {josie-grossie}

The Sweet Sugar Girl with umbrella

I said I love you.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Porcelaingirl° {josie-grossie}

The Sweet Sugar Girl, heart on lips

20 Responses to “How to create outlined text with gradient background using Photofiltre”

  1. vincent says:

    wow~ thx for the info

  2. Anna says:

    i tried to do this, but first when i type the text it isnt translucent like yours was..and i can’t expand the writing or crop it. it doesn’t let me click it.
    whats up with that??

  3. Jeff says:

    Anna: Make sure you click on the “Transform to Selection” button after you’ve typed your text in rather than the OK button.

  4. Kristi says:

    Hi, i tried to do this and i dont know how to get to the part where you make the image “fatter” as you say. can you explain this.

  5. Jeff says:

    Hi Kristi,

    Once you have the transformed selection of the text(it looks like ants walking around in a circle) the next step is to enlarge it.
    To do this, goto the top main menu and then goto the “Selection” menu. From there go down and click on “Expand..” and the expand dialogue box will appear. Choose a setting of about 5 then click ok.. you should see the transformed text selection become enlarged.

  6. Nia says:

    How do you save a picture with the Selection/Dotted/Dashed lines still on on there outlining an item?

  7. Jeff says:

    Hi Nia,

    One quick way of doing this would be to use the diagonal lines pattern in the “stroke and fill” Stroke options on the background border colour.

    Another way worth trying is use the “Scanlines” found under Filter >>Stylize>>scanlines.


  8. Dwane says:

    Hey jeff.

    One problem is that went i paste the image on the picture the white background is pasted with it.

    I mean the words alone is not copied on to the picture

  9. Jeff says:

    Hi Dwane,

    Make sure you do Step 7. You have to do a “Transform to Selection”(from the text tool) then expand… once again, to select the text only. Then do a copy and paste onto the final picture.


  10. Dwane says:

    hey jeff

    It still not coming out not matter how much try

  11. Jeff says:

    Email me some of your results and I’ll take a closer look: jeff@jeffagogo.com

  12. Kaitlin says:

    well mine wont come up with the validate text thing.

  13. Jeff says:

    Make sure you put the mouse pointer inside the dashed yellow/black selection box before you right button mouse click..then select & click “validate text”. If you right click outside the dashed text box, you’ll get the normal cut/paste/copy menu.

  14. heho says:

    thanx alots that helped me !!!

  15. Stacey says:

    Really cool! Thanks this helped A LOT!

  16. Miles says:

    After I cropped it the background went black, not white./

  17. Jeff says:

    Hi Miles,

    That’s a great question. The answer is to goto the Color Palette on the top right side of the screen. You’ll see two boxes with a curved arrow and one color box higher than the other. Well, the lower box controls the back ground color when you do a crop. This easiest thing to do is simply reset back to black and white by clicking on the small reset icon.

    Refer to this pic:

    Color Palette controls


  18. Samira Kernizan says:

    Hi Miles,
    I’m having a Little Trouble with the Validate Text, Every time I Right Click It’s says Visible, Locked, and or Duplicate.

  19. Jeff says:

    HI Samira,

    Which version of Photofiltre are you using?


  20. Samira says:

    I’m using Photofiltre 6.5.0

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