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A recent Photofiltre Tutorial request by a reader asked how to create text with the inside of the letter filled with pictures. This example was sent in by devoted reader, Lindsay:

Text filled with pictures


This style of text is super easy to create with Photofiltre by using several different pictures and by using Text Tool’s Transform to Selection button, with each letter being done separately. Here’s how I’ve done my version —->

People of passion

Select your pictures to work with.

I’ve selected 6 good photos from flickr.com which are attributed with a creative commons licence with the owners permitting remixing and redistribution. Click on the photo to see the original.

Redheaded girl with spikey ears

 Photo credit: Lampeduza

skateboarder flying through the air

Photo Credit: Timothy Lloyd

who's YOUR candidate?

Photo Credit: erin MC Hammer


Photo Credit: flasporty

Ann #5

Photo Credit: akk_rus

Nice Kiss

Photo Credit: Goldmund100


1. Reduce photo size.

First job to do is make the picture smaller so that you can capture a reasonable area of the picture when you place the transformed text character over the picture. Go for a width of around 200 to 250px width depending on what you want to include inside the letter.

Image >> Image Size. Adjust the width to 250px (go for 200px to make smaller if needed)

Reduce the resize of the picture so you can fit more on the picture into the letter.


2. Transform to Selection.

Open up the Text Tool and select your font, font size and the letter(s). Choose a font which is fairly fat so that you can fit plenty of the picture inside. In this example I’ve use Cartoonist, but other good fat fonts can be used such as: Bubblegum, Carnivalee freakshow, Cookies, Ravie, Showcard gothic, Snap ITC, Thickhead or Yahoo. Fortunately, there is a wide range of fonts freely available on websites such as dafont.com. If you need to know more about installing fonts on your system, check out my tutorial on finding and installing new fonts.

Text tool: select Font, font size, letter and then transform to selection


3. Positioning the Transform. 

Transformed letter over the picture

Use the mouse pointer to drag the transformed text over the part of the face you wish to capture. Try to capture an interesting part that will stand out.


4. Copy

Right mouse click and select copy

When you’re happy with the position of the transform, right mouse click and select COPY.


5. Open a new blank page.

Open new document

Open a new blank page: 800 x 600px with black background.

6. Paste.

Paste letter onto black background

Right mouse click and then PASTE the letter onto the black background.

7. Position the letter. 

First letter P is done on black background

Position the letter towards the left, to give yourself room for the rest of the letters. 


8. Add outside Progressive Contour.

Using the same letter transform to create the progressive contour

Use the Text Tool with the same settings as before ( font and font size), then type in the letter and click on Transform to Selection. Carefully position the letter transform exactly over the pictured letter. To get this perfect use the zoom function to zoom in 200% – 300%.

Now…add Progressive Contour. Goto top menu: Filtre >> Stylize >>Progressive Contour

Use the progressive contour to create a white glow around the text

Select Progressive Contour settings: Width: 3, Color: white, Opacity: 60%, Effect: blur

Completed letter P with progressive contour

Apply the same Progressive Contour effect twice to increase the glow effect.

9. Repeat process for the remaining letters.

Repeat the procedure for the rest of the letters until the full word is made. Use a different background picture for each letter and position the letters in a staggered up and down manner.

Complete the rest of the letters


10. Add the by-line in small type.

Add the lower line of text of passion

In this example I’ve used Heartfont font at 55px red colour and angled at 5 degrees.

people of passion nearly completed. now needs to cropped...


11. Crop.

Final procedure is cropping the image

Draw a box around the text and by-line, then right mouse click and select crop.

People of passion


12. Optional mist.

Adding mist to the people of passion

An optional step is to add mist. This looks good against the black background giving it a smokey mysterious atmosphere effect. To do this goto Filtre >> Visual effect >> Fog >> White.


Happy Photofiltre-ing 😀

Jeffagogo's Photofiltre tutorial on installing more fonts

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