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Photofiltre 6.3.2 (free version) 1.6Mb

The Photofiltre icon

Direct download from the Photofiltre website.

Plugins for Photofiltre

Plugins for Photofiltre

Star Masks as described in Adding Stars tutorial.

Star photomasks


Sunvectors from Photobucket




20 totally cool sunvectors to download.

sunvectors.zip (3.25Mb)

A collection of 20 Sunvector patterns

Originally from www.photofiltre.com.br


Collection of 9 floral patterns to download.

florals.zip (1.34Mb)

9 Floral patterns



Brushes Collection – 47 Assorted brushes you can use with Photofiltre

Brushes.zip (5.2Mb)

10 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. lanora says:

    DUDE..yhur a life saver . n i love thee things u put up here. They help beginers really well. Keep up thee BEAUTIFUL work !!

  2. Noniiiiii says:

    OH MY GOSH! You are a life saver. Thanks. <333

  3. bebo says:

    hEy Thanks ..it helped me a lot..:)

  4. lica says:

    eu queria muito mesmo aquelas escovas para cilios do photofiltre studio, onde que encontro pra copiar?

  5. meli says:

    hi i like photofiltre but wen i go to utube fir tutorials to learn to design pics i press the magic stck to put a color in it turns all green y it does that ? can u help me pliz

  6. L3EO says:

    Eii is this Verisoin better Than Photofiltre Studio x 10.2

  7. Jen says:

    I have a question regarding the free dowload, I downloaded it and loved it, but I seem to be missing the link in the toolbar that allows me to make a new layer.. how can I get that??

  8. STALKER says:

    bych this is awesome hehehe

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