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Here is a complete list of Photofiltre Tutorials on this site:

29. Photofiltre v6.40 released

28. 21 Beautiful Free Calligraphy Fonts

27. How to create a Lomo style photo with Photofiltre

26. Creating crossed proccessed style photos using Photofiltre-part 2

25. Create Cross Processed Style Photos with Photofiltre(Part 1)

24. 29 Ghoulishly Great Free Horror Fonts

23. Doing quick cut-outs with Photofiltre’s Polygon Tool.

22. How to create Focal B&W Pictures with Photofiltre

21. 22 Great Free Grafitti Fonts

20. How to add stars to your photos and text with Photofiltre

19. Making Picture Filled Text with Photofiltre

18. How to create outlined text with gradient background using Photofiltre

17. How to add more fonts: A guide for Photofiltre users.

16. How to make rainbow eyes – Youtube Photofiltre tutorial review

15. How to sample colors with Photofiltre’s Pipette Tool

14. How to create reflective text with Photofiltre

13. How to create two tone text using Photofiltre

12. How to brighten and sharpen photos using Photofiltre

11. How to crop a photo with Photofiltre

10. Photofiltre basics: How to resize a picture

9. Photofiltre Basics: How to make page curl effects

8. Photofiltre Basics: Creating Borders

7. Photofiltre Basics: Merging photos

6. Photofiltre Basics: Adding a watermark to your photos

5. Photofiltre Basics: Changing Eye Colour

4. Photofiltre Basics: Creating Comic Style Speech Bubbles

3. Photofiltre Basics: Making Curved Text

2. Photofiltre Basics: Using the Clone Stamp Tool

1. How to make photo cutouts and clippings using Photofiltre

50 Responses to “Tutorials List”

  1. Alison says:

    Hi! I think your tutorials are great, but I need some help. When I’m using the Clone Stamp tool, I can’t check ‘Pattern’. I can only check ‘Fixed’. I really need the the Pattern option, like really really bad (: Please help, and get back ASAP ! Thanks a ton!

  2. Jeff says:

    The Pattern Check box is grayed out normally. To fix this select an area as your pattern with rectangle tool (only seems to work with rectangle tool btw) then Goto Edit>>Define pattern. The checkbox should be available now.. check it and then the clone stamp will draw the defined pattern.


  3. jack says:

    i am useing photofiltre 6.3.2 and i was wondering how to create two seperate texts. It is only letting me create one text at the moment. I know that in photofiltre 9.0, you can create as many texts as needed. But my free trial ran out, and now im stuck with photofiltre 6.3.2. That is, unless someone has a registration code i can use. But, I need to know how to create two seperate texts useing 6.3.2. Thanks.

  4. Michael says:

    Hi! I am getting familiar with PhotoFiltre X, and can not figure out how to make text bigger. I know you can double click the text and change the size that way, but I need it to fit my canvas, and in the Free version of PF, you can just use arrows to adjust the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal size of text. I’d liek to be able to do it the PF Free way, how do I do this?

  5. Jeff says:

    Hi Michael

    Your correct, Photofiltre Studio doesn’t seem to be able to expand and contract the text by grabing the sides or corners of text box. Not sure how to get around this problem, as I’ve mostly used the free version. But it does seem odd that PFStudio can’t do this. Perhaps post a message in the Photofiltre forums?

  6. Manwathiell says:

    Hi, Jeff!

    I am an amateur photographer and I was recommended PhotoFiltre at Deviantart where I carry a page. Since every single explanation was in English and my mother tongue is Spanish, I felt very frustrated because I couldn’t understand much what function did what.

    Today I started browsing the forum and I was DELIGHTED to see that someone (YOU) had great step by step explanations ! There was so much I wanted to edit in my photos and it was so impossible to do that with Picasa from Google… I have more chances now !!

    Since I have no DSLR, one of my main problems is the noise reduction. I saw something called “Dust reduction” on Photofiltre and I thought it could be it, but I have no clue on how to use it.
    Can you help ?? I would be very thankful !!!

    Once again, thanks for this great website !!

  7. Jeff says:

    Hola Manwathiell,

    I’ve found the Dust Reduction effect quite useful for doing a quick facial makeover…such as photos of peoples faces where they have a few small blotches, wrinkles, bad complexion etc. The dust reduction seems to smooth things out a little and generally improve appearance. It does take a bit of experimentation to get the right result.

    Quick Dust reduction effect on the second menu( looks like a square with the line through it between Old Photography and Blur)…
    Or better still, goto Filtre>> Noise>> Dust Reduction where there is more options of Raduis and Threshold.

    You best bet is to use the Polygon Tool or Lasso to choose the area you want apply the effect, rather than apply it to the whole photo. eg. if your doing a face, cut around the the edges of the face(leaving the hair out) with the Polygon Tool then apply the Dust Reduction effect. You have to experiment with the settings to get the right look,, but that’s half the fun of it 🙂
    You can also try applying the effect twice or combining it with Blur though it’s best to not over do it.


  8. Manwathiell says:

    Thanks Jeff !!!

    I am experiencing now with Photofiltre Studio X… and I am entering the world of photomanipulation, just for the fun of it.

    I thank you for your help !!


  9. Manwathiell says:

    By the way… any clue on how we can make light reflections on items with Photofiltre ?
    That’d be a cool tutorial !


  10. Jeff says:

    Hi Manwathiell,

    Yep, lighting effects can be done, but needs a bit of artistic flair. Classic examples are the soap bubble and billard ball where you have light reflection off the shiny surface. Also lighting effects on text is a good topic to cover as well. Needs to be fully explained in a tutorial 🙂


  11. TAYLOR says:

    Hey Jeff its me again i was wondering could tell me how to blinking text with photofiltre? or make a tutorial about that would really be appreciated. Thanks

  12. Jeff says:

    Hi Taylor,

    This sound likes an animated .GIF. These are animated pictures in .gif format and are strung together like cartoon frames …or in the case of blinking text just on and off. You can create .gif files with Photofiltre (save as .gif format) *but* you’ll need a separate animated .gif creator program to make the final animated .gif file. One free program to do this is UnFREEz, check it here:


    Also of interest is the Photofiltre Plugin “Animated GIF Import” which splits up an existing animated .gif into separate frames. This is great for examining the construction of animated .gifs. Get the plugin here:


    Unfortunately this plugin doesn’t allow you create animated .gifs.

    Also be aware that animated .gifs are quite old technology and have been largely superseded by Flash animations which you often seen on webpage banners for example.

    Getting back to your flashing text, you would create one picture with text and one without text and then set the animation time to the blink rate you like in UnFREEz.
    Also there might be better programs than UNFREEz (or even a website service) to create animated .gif files. Google on gif animation programs.


  13. Taylor says:

    Hi Jeff ,
    I had a question about how to edit peoples skin in pictures, and how to make it more flawless. If you make a tutorial that would be awesome, or if you could just tell me that would be good too. Thanks a ton.
    -Taylor (:

  14. Jeff says:

    Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll put that on my list of things to do.
    As a starting point, use the clone tool to remove spots/freckles/moles. Then use something like the dust reduction filter to smooth out the skin even further. Use the selection tool to select the part you wish to smooth of course. But I think a complete tutorial on the subject would be a lot more informative.


  15. jennie says:

    hey can u make ur cross processing more clearer or is there any way u can make the tutorial easier i really like cross processing 🙂 but its sord of hard understanding ur tutorial:) plz help

  16. Jeff says:

    Hi Jennie,

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to make part 2 of this series a little more easier to understand. Perhaps a youtube video for readers might be helpful as well.

    Jeff 🙂

  17. Artiyana says:

    Hi Jeff. Love the tutorials!..

    lol I have only one problem…How do we get the downloaded text on photofiltre?..I tried to ope it up but it won’t let me… 🙁

    HELP PLZ..Thanxxx xoxo ??

  18. Jeff says:

    Hi Artiyana,

    To put text onto a picture use the text tool. Open up your pic then click on the text tool button(shaped like a big T) in the top menu.
    Type you text into the box, select the size and font etc.. and click ok.
    You may want to add some more fonts as well so, check out my tutorial on how to add fonts. Read thru the comments others have left as well which might be helpful.

  19. Artiyana says:

    Thanks Jeff!
    Just one more question!
    How do we blend photos with photofiltre??

  20. Jeff says:

    Hi Artiyana,

    The easiest way to make blend in Photofiltre is by cutting out an object with the Polygon tool and pasting it into another picture. You can also create a photomask and do it that way,, but is a bit more complex doing it that way.


  21. Sekou says:

    Well i feel absolutely horrible saying this because Ive been editing for years ,but is there an addition color picker or plug in or a page i can get more filters and so how would i re color a simple picture such as http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll177/RPMaster9491/Any%20anime%20men/VampireAnimeBoy.jpg and keep the same tone

    Thanks……so sorry

  22. Jeff says:

    Hi Sekou,
    Checkout the Photofiltre Plugins here

    Plugin page:



  23. Maria says:

    how on photofiltre do you brighten the eye color

    please someone help me i really want to know

  24. Jeff says:

    Hi Maria,

    To brighten and enhance eye colour use a combination of gamma correction, contrast and color saturation controls. These are found on the top tool bar and also under the Adjust menu.
    But before you do that, use the “Polygon tool” to select the coloured part of the eye you wish to enhance. The process is a bit like what I’ve described in my eye recolouring tutorial:
    but without the recolouring.


  25. Alice says:

    I have a question and you, being an expert and all, most likely have the answer. Beams! How Do You Make Beams?

  26. Jeff says:

    Hi Alice, Good question. I will a write tutorial on that. 😉


  27. Wendyyy? says:

    do you have a tutorial on how to make faces look scary like if the person is dead or their eyes are really black or white? you know?

  28. Kesha says:

    How do you change skin tone? I just can’t figure it out!

  29. Jessica says:

    Hi jeff , umm I need help doing beams . & I see that your tutorials list doesn’t have it . please help me .

  30. Wendy? says:

    can you make a tutorial on how to edit pictures so they can look like this?

  31. alex says:

    Hello Jeff.
    I’m trying to use the clone tool but it seems to be grayed out on my selection. Following your instructions I still can’t get a result. I thought at first that the clone tool was not working at all, but when I clicked on the area I want to move the background to, but didn’t use the control key, the dotted line of a rectangle appeared. So it seems that it is working to an extent. I’ve tried so many thngs but without success. A friend uses exactly your instructions with no problem at all, can’t understand why it won’t work for me!.
    Hope you can help,

  32. Jeff says:

    Hi Alex,

    The grayed out Clone Tool sounds like your working in “Indexed Color Mode”. Check this by going to… Image>>Mode. To get all the fuctions working you should be working in “RGB Color” Mode.

    Does this help?


  33. Melissa says:

    How do you install plugins?

  34. Quick Facts says:

    Best you could make changes to the blog name title Photofiltre Tutorials by Jeffagogo | Photofiltre Tutorials to more generic for your webpage you make. I liked the post even sononetheless.

  35. regina says:

    hi.. ahmm i want to know hoe can i edit a picture and i’ll put it to another picture looking like the two pictures are together.. example my pic together with someone’s pic.. tnx

  36. Bren says:

    I have tried, unsucessfully to B&W focal 2 different objects in a picture. Just can’t get it to work. I can only do 1. What am I doing wrong?

  37. September... says:

    Thank you for all of your tutorials 😉 I’m happy to have stumbled upon your website 🙂 It will surely reinforce my skills.

  38. alease says:

    i dont know where to get any backgrouds for photofiltre… backgrounds such as the sun rays the lines and things like that!!!

  39. Jeff says:

    Hi Alease, Photobucket.com has quite a few, but you can also just google the term “sunvector patterns” and “background patterns” there are plenty of websites with all sorts of patterns you can download.

  40. Ken Sek says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I studied all your tutorials on Photofiltre, its really really helpful and precise, thanks!
    And, I always need making cutouts and clippings, just like your teaching on tutorial list 1, about this topic (1) may I know whats the difference between just clip and paste & paste the clipped photo with mask. (2) and i always need to crop parts from different photos then paste on other photos, but after pasted, its seems not natural, colours of each clip not harmonised with the diffierent photos, how i solve this problem?
    Appreciate that u can help, Jeff.

  41. […] Photofiltre tutorials link […]

  42. Muhammad Hassan says:

    can anyone please tell me how i can make watermark of my logo on pictures.

    i did it in past but now i forgot how to minimize logos transparency.???

    please please help me out …

  43. abby says:

    how can i divide the canvass equally into three parts?

  44. Adriana says:

    Hello, I just read your list, and well I’m having a bit of trouble with PF. I love it so far, and I’m new at it, I like it way better than Gimp. Anyway, I have edited a picture, it contains to layers; I saved it as a jpeg (or so it said) and now i can only open it with PF. I need to change it to a normal jpeg file so that my customer can see the picture… If it is of any help I have the portable version of photofiltre.

    Please help ASAP!

    THANKS! =D

  45. Tash says:

    Hi there, sorry just got one question to ask. How do I edit text on a scanned image, making sure it still looks exactly like the rest of the other texts.

    Need Your help ASAP!!


  46. Mary says:

    Hi, I need help. How to do this effect (http://postimage.org/image/opsnmfn1z/) in photo filtre. Thanks!

  47. Barb Yates says:

    Will PF Studio work with windwows7 64bit?
    I have it on XP and transferred it to a flash drive, but don’t know how to get it into windows7. Someone told me it won’t work with 7.

  48. Dotti says:

    I want to make the first letter of the word in my text bigger than the others. Is that possible?

  49. Zuri says:

    I have a strange problem with Photofiltre 7. If I attach a photo it sends the entire Photofiltre interface as well! What can I do to send ONLY the photo, and not the entire “program”? Seems to me the recipient can then (apart from being irritated!) change the photo with the help of Photofiltre 7!! Also, it attached thumbnails at the bottom. I have NO idea how to get rid of this and only send photos.

  50. Larry Z says:

    I am a new user to Photofiltre and can’t locate an answer to a basic question on inserting text to a photo.
    I use Vista. When I type in the text it does not transfer over to the photo. I just get an empty dashed box with nothing in it.
    Any suggestions?

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